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Toyota Truck &
Land Cruiser
by Moses Ludel

toyowna.jpg (28387 bytes) toyownb.jpg (25020 bytes)

Covers 1958 - 1996: Pickups, 4Runners and Land Cruisers, including SR5, Tacoma and T-100

A Hands-on Guide for getting the Most from your Toyota

  • History and development
  • Tune-up, maintenance, repair
  • High-performance tuning
  • Installing accessories
  • Buyer's guide

This is the authoritative companion book for your Toyota Truck or Land Cruiser, whether it is a hard core off-road FJ40, a heavy hauling pickup, or a new Land Cruiser that may never leave the road.

Author, veteran truck mechanic, and off-road expert Moses Ludel has written the only comprehensive source of information for Toyota trucks and Land Cruisers - history, buyer's guide, service manual, and high performance tuning all in one!   Discover every aspect of Toyota Trucks, from their origins in 1958 to the latest technological advances.  You'll learn tips for buying the right new or used truck, and which accessories make sense for you needs.

For do-it-yourself-owners, Moses provides step-by-step procedures with hundreds of photos covering basic maintenance, more complicated work like engine tune-ups, valve adjustments, brake jobs, clutch replacement, and installing an aftermarket suspension/lift kit.

Even if you never work on your truck yourself, this book will help you understand repairs that a qualified technician performs so you can communicate clearly and ensure correct, cost-effective repairs.

Interested in high performance? Get the hot set-up for your truck, whether you want low-end torque or high RPM horsepower. Moses gives you specific tuning recommendations for engines from the early F inline-6 and 18R-C four, to the advanced 3.4L DOHC V-6 and 4.5L 24-valve DJ engines. He shares expert insights into the best high performance components and the latest technology from Toyota Racing Development.   You'll also find suspension and chassis modifications, and the best tire and wheel combinations.

Every Toyota Truck and Land Cruiser owner should have this book in the cab or on the bookshelf.  It's the essential companion book for your truck.

Covers all 2wd and 4wd Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers from 1958-1996, including

  • FJ25, FJ40, FJ43, FJ45, FJ55, FJ60, FJ80
  • DJ80, Stout, Hi-Lux
  • 4Runner, SR5, Tacoma, T-100, Xtra Cab, Can-and-chassis models

About the author:

jpownd.jpg (4667 bytes)An avid fly fisherman, hunter, canoeist and four wheeler, Moses Ludel took his first driver's license exam in his family 4x4 truck.  Two years latter at age 18, he drove the Rubicon Tail by the back route, entering from the Miller Lake access and tracking an unmarked trail across the Sierra Mountains to Placerville, California.

Moses worked as a master truck mechanic and heavy equipment operator before earning a Bachelor of Science (Pre-Law/Sociology) degree with honors from the University of Oregon.  He has taught Adult Education level courses in Automotive and Diesel Mechanics and now has a 15 year track record as an automotive journalist and photographer with emphasis on four-wheel drive vehicles.  Moses' body of published work now exceeds 2,200 technical features, stories and columns plus five Owner's Bible series for Robert Bentley, Inc.

His magazine credits include Off-Road, Four Wheeler, 4WD SUV, 4x4 Magazine Japan, Trailer Life, Motorhome, Popular Hot Rodding, Chevy truck, Jp Magazine and many others.  Moses served as Tech editor and columnist for Jp Magazine.

A past board member for the national TREAD LIGHTLY! program, Moses continues to serve on that organization's Environmental Relations Committee.  He has consulted to 4WD truck/SUV manufactures including General Motors, Jeep Corporation/Mopar and Mercedes-Benz.

Moses has published series of professionally written Owner's Bibles including the Jeep Owner's Bible, and Ford F-Series Pickup Owner's Bible.

toyown1.jpg (3526 bytes) Chapter 1
The Birth of Toyota trucks · The Land Cruiser: Battle born · Early FJ40 Series · Late 1969 through 1974 Land Cruisers · The last FJ40 and FJ55 models 1988 to present: The upscale land cruiser · Toyota light trucks for the U.S. market · 1979: Toyota's legendary 4WD pickup · 1981-85: Refinements · 4WD 4Runner: Baby Land Cruiser · 1989 to present
toyown2.jpg (3941 bytes) Chapter 2
Buying a Toyota Truck

Selecting the Right Truck · T100 · 4Runner options · Land Cruiser · Toyota trucks · Seven best Toyota Used Truck Buys · Inspecting a used truck
toyown3.jpg (3780 bytes) Chapter 3
Your Toyota Truck

Driving techniques · Operating a 4x4 F-truck · Off-pavement four-wheel drive · Tread lightly four wheeling · Special uses for your 4WD truck · 4WD clubs
toyown4.jpg (4275 bytes) Chapter 4
Working on Your Toyota Truck

The Toyota truck chassis · Axle and suspension · Steering gear and linkage · Drum and disc brake systems · Orientation to truck engines · Transmissions and transfer cases · Driveshafts · Repairs on your  truck · The truck owner's toolbox · Sourcing parts · Assigning work to a shop
toyown5.jpg (3463 bytes) Chapter 5
Lubrication and Maintenance

Maintenance Overview · Selecting Lubricants and Fluids · Service Intervals · Building a maintenance schedule · Doing your own maintenance · Storing your truck
toyown6.jpg (3664 bytes) Chapter 6
Troubleshooting and Minor Adjustments
Guide to troubleshooting · Engine problems · Cooling system troubles · Clutch and manual transmission · Driveshaft and axle · Steering and tire troubles · Brake problems
toyown7.jpg (3715 bytes) Chapter 7
Cooling System Service
Safety Precautions · Cooling system basics · Finding leaks · Cooling solutions · Overheating problems · Water pump service
toyown8.jpg (4032 bytes) Chapter 8
Engine Tune-Up and Emission Controls
Emission Controls and tune-up · Engine applications · A closer look at fuel injected engines · Ignition tune-up · Carburetor tune-up · Major engine diagnosis · Valve adjustment · Emission controls
toyown9.jpg (3829 bytes) Chapter 9
Clutch and Transmission Service
Troubleshooting · Clutch service · Clutch adjustment · Clutch replacement · Hydraulic clutch linkage service · Transmission linkage adjustments
toyown10.jpg (3655 bytes) Chapter 10
Transfer Case, Driveshafts, Axles, Hubs
Transfer Cases · Troubleshooting · Driveshafts · U-joint service and repair · Driveshaft lubrication · U-joint installation · Axles assemblies · Differential Action · Axle types · Troubleshooting · Axle seals · 4WD closed-knuckle Axle Repairs · Locking hubs · Hub rebuilding
toyown11.jpg (4006 bytes) Chapter 11
Suspension and Steering
Springs · Installing new leaf springs · Torsion bars and coil springs · Frame damage · Shock absorbers · Gas shocks · Selecting shocks · 4x4 steering and front end · 4WD closed-knuckle axle and kingpin pivots · Steering system · Power steering · Inspecting the steering system · Wheel alignment
toyown12.jpg (3433 bytes) Chapter 12
Brakes and Wheel Bearings
Front Wheel bearings · Bearing fundamentals · Wheel bearing service · The braking system· Pedal warning signals · Brake fluid precautions · Brake service tips
toyown13.jpg (3458 bytes) Chapter 13
Body and Detailing
Battling rust · Body detailing · Quick tips to a better detail job · Pickup bed and tub liners
toyown14.jpg (3357 bytes) Chapter 14
Electrical System Basics
Electrical system operation · Electrical troubleshooting · Testing battery and charging system · Starter motor · Starter troubleshooting · Starter Overhaul
toyown15.jpg (4444 bytes) Chapter 15
Winches · Electrical system upgrades · Roll bars · Seat belts and safety harnesses · Trailering
toyown16.jpg (4348 bytes) Chapter 16
Toyota Engine Performance
Engine performance and smog legal modifications · Toyota truck power: An overview · Valvetrain · Ignition modifications · Lubrication and engine oil cooling · Supercharging · Building a high performance Land Cruiser six · Four cylinder and V-6 power · V-8 swap for Land Cruiser · Pickup engine swap · 383 stroker V-8 alternatives · Engine overhaul
toyown17.jpg (3343 bytes) Chapter 17
Geartrain Modifications
Four-speed changeover · Automatic transmission options · Clutch upgrades  · Aftermarket clutches · Traction differentials · Conversion Axles · Driveshaft upgrades
toyown18.jpg (4072 bytes) Chapter 18
Chassis, Suspension, and Tire Upgrades
Chassis modifications · State lift laws · IFS pickup and 4Runner lift kits · FJ40 lift kits · Off-pavement suspension tuning · Upgrading shocks · Urethane bushings ·   Steering gear conversions · Tires · Tire glossary · Brake system upgrades
toyown19.jpg (3048 bytes) Appendixes: Sources, Toolbox, Engine Break-in, 4x4 Trails

Acknowledgments, About the Author

Soft cover, 372 pages.

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4x4, 4WD, Jeep & Offroad Trails
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